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Welcome to my site.

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 I am committed to developing responsive and visually stunning websites using the very latest standards as set by the W3C. The only limitation to building an amazing website is ones’ imagination.

 With well over 20 years’ experience with computers and technology, I have worked as a Network Administrator, PC builder, Software Test Engineer, and IS Manager at the largest software company in the world.

 I also am fascinated with electronics and extend my skills into the Internet of Things, smart home and many types of embedded systems. I build drones, light electric vehicles, work with audio visual equipment and have coding experience beyond web development as well. But now I am mainly focused on one thing only at this time and that is to pursue a Full Stack web development career.

 If you have a need for a site or just need some help with your existing one, please click the contact me link. My rates are negotiable and if your non-profit organization would like a site I may be able to help at a drastically reduced rate. I have old fashioned business ethics, the customer always comes first, and if your not happy with my service - you don’t pay.

My dreams are CSS styled, JavaScript coded, php delivered, and stored in a MySQL database. -some nerd

Welcome to my new life as a web developer!

Technology and computers have been part of my life since childhood.

 I first began to program around 1986 on Apple II's at school and my first computer was a Texas Instruments TI/99-4A that had been generously given to me by a very special person that is very close to my heart now.

 This computer had 16Kb of ram and I used a cassette recorder to store my code. I made little games and simple routines to launch my addiction to programming.

 I also was very much an Apple II fan at school and really loved Applesoft at the time. I spent many lunch periods coding away.

 I would loiter at the local supermarket copying programs line be line with pencil and paper from magazines to try out at school.

 The Commodore 64 was an amazing machine and I got my hands on one every chance I got. I knew where every computer in my neighborhood was and would knock on my neighbor’s doors after school to use their system. At one time I had access to several Apple II's, C64's, a Coleco Adam, Timex Spectrum, a Tandy, and an XT PC. The PC really got my attention and it was close to home, just a couple doors down.

 The PC offered GWBasic and new and amazing capabilities for me to explore. The people who owned this machine even let me take the manuals home and study them. I further explored what the PC had to offer and was hooked for sure.

 After a searching I found what was claimed to be a 286 for $150 from a neighbor. I scrounged to come up with the money and eagerly handed it over. Soon as I got home and hooked it up, it was clear this was an XT. I was so disappointed but in no time at all I upgraded it to a 286 with a 120mb hard drive and Trident 8900 ISA SVGA graphics. I soon added a sound card and more ram.

 I was now using QuickBASIC that came with DOS but was really wanting to upgrade. I was introduced to QB4.5 wow, now were talking. I can now compile to EXE's! Libraries for mouse and SVGA graphics, and sound! Cool stuff! I still get excited thinking back. Sure was a simpler time.

 I became quite the frequenter of the old dial up BBS's and started my own. I called it MicroMind Online. Yeah, I know what a weird name but that little BBS had 100s of users and started my computer business!

 I built PC's for lots of people in the 90's. I also became a Network Administrator for a Law Firm, An Eye Doctor, Car lots, etc. At this point I felt that it was time to get certified so I got my A+, Microsoft, and Novell certifications.

 With my new certifications I moved to Washington state, and quickly got hired by Volt Technical and assigned to Microsoft. I started as a Software Test Engineer and quickly moved up through several positions to an IS Manager role. I had heightened security clearance and was responsible for a lot. My life was coming together. Good things just dont last.

 It's a shame what Microsoft has done to so many Americans so much smarter and more qualified than I am. After only 2 years and an unfair termination I went out on my own.

 I have worked as a Sound Engineer for next to no pay. I tried to start an electric bike company called AwesomeEbikes, my bikes got a lot of attention but sales were not there. I hopped on the drone band wagon early only to be grounded by the FAA's rules. I tried to get into FPV racing only to run into other walls!

 So now I have gone back to school to make this web dev thing work.

New server and SSL encryption for all!


Well, I must say it is so much quieter in my living room without the server running 24/7. My cat may not agree as the nice warm place to nap is no longer. I'm happy to declare that all new sites will be encrypted as to keep in line with the ever growing need for better security.

New brighter styled website colors.


I was told that my site looks like I am promoting a night club. Well thats an easy fix. Hope you like the new color schema.

Mean and Clean.


This site is now completely independent of any jQuery or jQuery aids. Or any framework at all. All of the code is in pure javascript! Don't get me wrong. I like jQuery, I just dont want to depend on it.

My staff uses fuzzy logic!


Web server is up 98% of the time thanks to my competent IT staff.

Competent IT staff on hand 24 hours a day

Yes that’s a Dell PowerEdge with my cat keeping an eye on it.
Occasionally she kicks out one of the power cords, good thing its redundant.

My site has been valued!


It's official, my website has a worth! CuteStat has set the value of jarvissmith.net to be worth 8.95 dollars! Feels good to have finaly made it to the top! Wait a minute maybe not. ☹

Go to https://jarvissmith.net.cutestat.com/ to see the full report.

Frogger clone, Buggy, Bugger, Buggah! What do you call this?


This is a frogger style clone, a pretty bad one at that. Just type in your name and it will give you a nice little cookie! You can just go incognito if you want, just dont enter a name.

Bad bad frogger clone

As usual the github repo is at: https://github.com/jarvis97415/arcade-game

Goofy match the card game


This is just a simple card matching game using html, css, javascript, and jQuery. It demonstrates some snazzy animation effects, sounds, and even background music.

Matching Game screenshot

My github repository for this project can be viewed at: https://github.com/jarvis97415/matching-game

Handy pixel editor project


This is the hardest way to design graphics. One pixel at a time!

Pixel Art Screenshot

My github repository for this project can be viewed at: https://github.com/jarvis97415/pixel-art

Big Milestone! Email works.


The contact me link will issue mailto:webmaster@jarvissmith.net
I will change this to a more intuitive page soon.

For educational purposes only.


I have recieved several email offers for web and app development for this site.
The main purpose for this site is to practice my skills and implement ideas to enhance my skillset.
No adds, I can't imagine why anybody would want to advertise here anyway. I'm not submiting to any search engines. If you stumbled upon this site than congratulations!

Is this thing on! Can you hear me now?


Oh hello there and welcome to what I hope to be not just another rather very interesting site but something hopefuly different in some way or another.
The main focus will be on technology and science but will also include art, music, and nature. Also a reflection on our past technologies will be included from time to time.
I plan to create stories from interviews and research conducted online and through public information sources. I continue to meet such fascinating people and want to share some of their insight. As well if you have a story to share and would like to be interviewed for this site, please click on the contact button.